God's Healing Hands Ministry - Healing Through the Power of Jesus Christ!
Psalm 6:2 Heal me Lord for my body is in agony.
A spiritual healing can be restoration for the soul. We need to be healed from sin, and that can only happen through accepting the gift that Jesus gave to all of us to accept him and to follow him and he will heal us.
Healing can happen through miracles, through the friends and through . God's power is magnified through our weakness, if we allow him to work within us.
Many people come to us for healing when nothing else has worked and others have come when they are first feel that things are not right.  Anytime that you come to ask God for help is the right time!
The Lord can heal you from cancer, back problems, illness, mental conditions, autism, ADD, ADHD, sleep problems, OCD, broken bones and all other ailments. There is nothing to big for God!
God does not send sickness down from heaven to us, because in the book of Revelation, it tells us that there is no sickness in Heaven.
Sickness is caused by free will. God has given us all the free will to either accept him or deny him. If you choose to deny him, then you are disobeying him and you then are in the grasp of the Devil who loves to lie to you and hurt you.
Yahweh Rapha- Exodus 15:26 Talks about the Lord that heals.
The healing is already yours, it is a covenant blessing from the Lord,
now stand up and accept it!
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